Thursday, July 13, 2017

tajikistan, moscow, azerbaijan, georgia and armenia trip

We've been on the road since the crack today and have only just arrived in Qalai Khum which is where the 'J' of Tajikistan is on the map.

Afghanistan is 150 metres away from this homestay I am staying in tonight.

I am sitting on the balcony over a raging torrent! Cant include scenic pix as I left the little doolacky thingy that transfers pix from my camera to tablet at home. So am including one I took with the tablet.

We finished a gruelling hike in the Fann Mountains for 6 days and on the day we had to climb 930 metres up to the 3,800m pass and 1,200 m down I had a chest infection and Paul had the trots!! Scenery was stunning though.

The lakes we saw were incredible and we had some all to ourselves.

We follow the Afghan border for about another 5 days. Scenery is stunning, roads a total horror, food ghastly! We just left Dushanbe the capital where we had a bit of lux in a smart hotel. Was 40 deg the day we got there and predicted 45 the day we left.

Journey from Sydney a nightmare - late leaving Sydney, delayed at our first stop Huan Zhou so missed our connection from Beijing to Novosibirsk. In Beijing the airline managed to get us on another flight to Novo 24 hours later but the Novo to Dushanbe flights were all full for the next 7 days. They said would we like to fly to Khujand, the 2nd largest city in Tajikistan. We didnt know where it was but a quick look at ihe map showed us it was a few hours from our trekking region so we said yes.Turned out ok as our trekking company was actually based in Khujand and it saved them a trip down to Dushanbe to meet us. But we missed 2 days resting from the flight in Dushanbe and began trekking the next day.We are knackeredbut having a ball.

I will not be blogging again until I get home as it will be a bit dull with no pix. So will update mid August.

Ciao 4 now.

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