Saturday, October 18, 2014

more mesmerising mirror mayhem

Our last day in Iran and we were down to our last mosque!

This one was called Sayyed Alaeddin Hossein Mosque (or The Jelly Mosque as I preferred to call it).

Paul had ducked into it a couple of days ago while I was back at the hotel. He insisted I come with him today to see it.

It was spectacular.

(Make sure you click on the photos - they deserve to be seen full sized!)

While I was wandering around the mosque I found a door open towards the back of the building and stepped inside.

I found myself in the 'school' part of the mosque where religious students spend 30 hours a week studying the Koran. This was another stunning display of mirrored mosaics.

As my last post for this trip I have to say Iran was a wonderful place to visit. Not only did I feel safer there than just about anywhere else in the world, the people were the friendliest I have ever met in all of the 85 countries I have visited.

Do yourself a favour - go there!


Cecilia said...

Hi Terry,
It was so lovely to eaves drop and meet you today @ Tropicana :) I always talk to strangers and some are nicer & more interesting than others :P
Here is Violeta Parra singing Gracias a la Vida - she wrote it and it's became the anthem of voiceless.
I've checked out Mercedes Sosa and she's equally wonderful even though she's Argentinian :)
I didn't realise you were also an artist. It was lovely to meet you.

TC said...

Hi Cecilia - great chatting to you too. Examples of my work can be seen on:
(still under construction!)
Keep chatting to strangers!